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Hey, Im looking to add incoming transfer information to my {{ product | json }} object. I have tried this in the for loop on the product-template.liquid page productJson.variants[{{ forloop.i...
Hey all, So, ive scoured the community forum pages to no avail. Im trying to add a <p> of text on the product page if the product is on a transfer. I understand t...
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Hi Shopify'ers I wondered if anybody has come across a way to run a flow workflow when the metafields of a product update?What im trying to do is:Create productAdd metafield value (lets say 'Red' as an example)When metafield namespace and key value i...
Hey Paul,  Im trying to adjust this slightly as you suggested by filtering it down (im well above the 100 variant limit). Id like to create 2 or 3 of these for my main brands. How would i incorporate BRAND into this? (product vendor) so that it only ...
Hey all, Now bear with me i will try to be as clear as I can.  I currently allow the user to filter my collection pages based on the sizes of the products(Example: 56mm, 57mm, 60mm etc....) On each of the product pages i tag the products like "Size_5...
Hey Shopifyers, So im trying to figure out if this is possible. Once a week (prehaps on a sunday?) Flow will scan my website and make a big list of all products where the inventory is low (<5 remaining). I've done this on a product by product basis (...
Hey all,  Im trying to find a way to intergrate Shopifys Flow app with Shopifys Order Printer app so that every time an order comes in it automatically prints on my thermal printer. As both apps (Flow and order printer) are Shopify apps im hoping tha...
Dispalying the total order weight on the Order Printer app. I've seen a few posts about this and even questions on other forums about it with no solution. Today, after an hour or so of fiddling, I managed to find a solution and thought I would share ...
I understand this was from a while ago but I've also been trying to figure this out.After an hour I've managed to get it working - SO IT CAN BE DONE..I'll try to make it as easy as possible to understand.1. First we create a total_weight variable and...
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