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Can i change the format Text or style in Bank Deposit like i want title bold <strong> Account Tittle </strong> 123456789654 <strong> Bank Name </strong&g...
Is there any way to edit/change any filter, collection, tags, price, qty etc. anything just by taking the relative field headers & sku? Or we have to work on the whole excel sheet having all head...
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I am uploading a picture of "Care guide labels" in my product description with the dimensions "450x100" nad after uploading, it gives the options to appear the picture on front with specified sizes i.e. Thumbnail, icon, original etc.Whatever i select...
We had to change the Skus on our store in bulk for some integration of 3rd party ordering, after successfully changing the skus there are some order of which variant id(s) have changed for some reason. How and why did it happen? and is there any way ...
Hello,I am using Option Name & Option Value [1(size) & 2(fabric)], now I want to use the  Option3 Name & Option3 Value (Style) but do not want it to display on the front.
Thanks for your reply.However, here I am working on 6 websites of Shopify with the same plan not using any third party but, all of the website's product export is working fine as you said except for one. Don't know the reason.Kindly do tell me if you...
1. I am unable to see the variant qty column in the product export sheet. Last week is exported the product CSV and the column of qty was there but now it is not showing when I m exporting the CSV. 2.  is there any way to put the metafields value in ...
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