I am looking for an app that will basically replace the 'sorry, there are no products in this collection' message with an app/form that will allow the customer to send a product request to us. &nbsp...
I am trying to find out if there have been any API changes in 2020 that may have affected the uploading of images to the store. Is there somebody in the forum that has had any issues in uploading ima...
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Looking for something very similar where I need to allocate part of my inventory to one particular partner. In other words I need to split my inventory. If I have a total of 10 items in stock I want to allocated 5 to the partner (re-seller) and the o...
Thank you for the suggestion. We resolved it using a feature within the Boost Filter app.
Try getting in contact with ZubrCommerce zubrcommerce@gmail.comThey have an unlisted app and it works great.
Would be a great solution if I could only find the liquid file to update it. 
No, I am hiding the sold out products. The problem is that the collection pages are showing the lowest product price and when clicking on the product, that price is not available because that particular variant is not available.
Great suggestion. The challenge is finding the price show file in this relatively old theme. I have reached out to the developer and they don’t offer support for an outdated theme.
On my main landing page I have two sections showing 6 product from a collection. The problem is that the price shown is always the lowest price regardless of whether the item is in stock or not. https://greenphones.no/ Look at the sale item Apple iPh...
Just curious. Did you set this up for a mobile store? Do you have a working example?CheersPhil
Did you find a solution for this or an app? I have 300 images that I am about to upload and then add to products. Nightmare if I have to do this manually.
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