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Hello Liam,Yes, this is still an issue. I don't see the verification email in my new email's inbox.
Hello, I would like to get in contact with a Shopify API expert/Technical contact who could provide our developers with the correct documentation for integrations, individual item fulfillment, and more. If it's someone that we could directly email ou...
Hello,We are looking to create a Shopify test environment, this store will be used by our developers to place orders and test any integrations with our WMS, fulfilling the order/item and sending data back to the store. We are not going to be selling ...
Hello,I'm trying to update my login email. However, I haven't received the verification email in my new email inbox. I even hit the "resend verification email" button and nothing yet.
Hello,I would like to know what API to use in order to fulfill a digital product from a multi-piece order, or if anyone can share documentations that are up to date. For some background:Our WMS (Infoplus) is integrated with one of our clients Shopify...
Hello,I'm trying to fulfill an item from a multi-piece order based on "requires_shipping: false" or the fact that is a digital product, the other items would get fulfilled from an integration with our WMS when fulfilled.Is there an endpoint you would...
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