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 HiI am running CLIshopify theme devto preview of my development theme, but I would like to customise the homepage with theme editor and preview the new homepage arrangement before publishing it. I understand you could    shopify theme share   to upl...
Perhaps I put it in the wrong place, but under Settings -> Checkout -> Additional Scripts, I put a simple console.log(). Landed on checkout page, and did not see this message printed at the console.  
Thanks for the suggestion. I believe the additional script only meant for order status page, however, I want this to be applied to checkout page as well.
Hello I read over a few threads that there are no options to customize the checkout page logo URL unless to subscribe into shopify plus plan. However, as headless commerce is taking place, more companies are adopting it. Not all business owner afford...
I configured "Product Update" web hook for firing callback whenever there's product update to my API services Tested with updating product name, description, the callback triggers perfectly. However, if I modify the Variant's Name/SKU, the callback w...
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