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Hello, RunPay,The integration of these guys is not official and can stop working at any moment. Not to mention that the price they are asking for is quite high. 750 euros for an integration is still too much.PS: according to the Shopify Partners dire...
Se cauta o modalitate legal valabila. Atunci cand trebuie sa incasezi pe firma, nu mai functioneaza lucrurile cu cetatenia romana si card deschis in banca romaneasca. Sa speram ca vor apare careva posibilitati...
Hi SomeUser777,Did you find a solution to your question?
Hi,Good solution, but they don't show the path through Collection.Is it possible to show the breadcrumbs with this structure: Home/Collection/Product instead of Home/Product? Thx!
Hi, Linda,Do you have found a solution for this question? 
I use it now and it’s a working solution.
Today the same message reappeared. Can you help me to solve it? Many thanks!
Fine, the message is not showing anymore.Thank you!
Hi Michael,I have this message in my admin panelSome of your private apps may stop working as expected because they are calling unsupported APIs. Contact your developer to ensure these apps continue working.What I need to do to continue using your co...
Sorry, didn't observed your previous post.Solved with Example URL. Thank you!
Hello,it seems something is going wrong How can i solve this issue?Thanks!
Hello, Michael_Whitak1,Today i observed a message: Private apps need updating within 28 daysYour private apps may no longer work if they are not updated before April 1, 2020. This message is based on data from the last 30 days. Contact the developer ...
You can use shopify product id to read json and get product is and sku using below codeThank you for this code. Helped to solve my problem with exporting of ID's.
Hi,It seems OrderAPI, unfortunately doesn't contain Product Type, only Product API.  I can't use SKU, because i don't have it in my store. I'll try with product ID correlated to Product type.Thx!
Hi, Michael_Whitak1Tried today your connector and it seems it's working.Can i ask you to add field of Product type to generate a report like Product Category (Enhanced Ecommerce) from GA? Thank you! 
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