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Bio: I've been working on Pinterest for the last three years helping mid-size and small stores generate revenue with the platform. Things have changed a lo...

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If you have the time to craft a YouTube channel for your business or personal brand this can be a great way of creating value. If they click on the video and watch it on YouTube and they see more videos about you and your business it will be easier t...
If you're not in the travel or events business and have the inventory and resources to get your products to customers then this should be one of the best times for you. Lately, we've been working a lot for the customers that fit those criteria and co...
Before I even start with targeting the first suggestion will be to work on your product pages and delete the Shopify details from the product pages. Make product descriptions that will resonate with your target audience. Now if you have a high amount...
Hi, can you be more specific with what you need help with and what you're currently doing? Pinterest is a great channel to start with since it requires no ad budget when you're doing organic work.
Start by making a 30 days website visitor retargeting audience and start expanding it if you see a good ROAS with it. Also, remember to constantly test new creatives since many of the prospects will end up seeing the same creative many times.
Hi Jhypo - This is great and sounds pretty normal. I've been using a VA on Upwork for my product descriptions.
Probably you're constantly searching for the next big thing in eCommerce sales. Well, Pinterest isn't the next big thing. Pinterest is a platform that has been constantly getting the attention of 300 million monthly active users who are actively buyi...
First of all, change your main menu for a link to the products you're selling and instead of having ''all products'' you should have something like ''tees'' and ''pants''. Also consider adding a live chat, and something at the bottom of the product p...
I've been working with medium and small stores for the last three years and I was wondering what are small and new store owners looking for in a marketing service? Probably what most of you will answer is ''sales'' and that's fine, but what aside fro...
I've been working on Pinterest organic marketing for the last three years and one of the things I always see is desperate business owners trying to get consistent sales from their Shopify stores. They'll try one thing it doesn't work and they go to t...
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