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Hi, I am using an old version of Debut theme for my eshop and I am trying to switch to the newer version of Debut. I'm do some preparation on the translations via Langify and I found that the capture...
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I believe it’s because we NEED it. Even for brands like Nike and Adidas have their names in other languages like Chinese for different communities. Imagine how can an English speaking customer read the Chinese brand name of the product? I’m quite sho...
Hi all, I'm working on a new theme Origin, but I've found that excerpt is not working on all my Chinese blog contents (photo 1) at all, while it works properly for English contents(photo 2).  May I know if it is a bug and whether I can fix it myself?...
Hi, I have also found the excerpt is not working on all Chinese blog content but works well on English blog contents. May I know if there is any way to fix it? Thank you.
Hi, I'm trying to switch to theme "Origin", but I've found that when I add Blog Post Block on the main page, it shows the whole blog post(photo 1) instead of a  short paragraph with "Read More" button(photo 2) like other themes I have used.   May I k...
Hi, may I know will the app support translation of "Vendors" in the future? It is quite annoying when the vendor name is the only thing showing in another language. Thank you.
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