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Hi guys, Here is my question: When i tried to create a refund by the REST API(, i got an error message "Transactio...
Hello, I am a 3rd party payment gateway developer, I can't find refund button at order detail page in shopify admin, when I try to cancel order, It also does not call the configured void URL, ho...
Hi guys, Here is my problem. I am trying to integrate the refund endpoint of order management. After i had completed the development work, I tried to test the endpoint. But when i tried to refund ...
Hi there, we need to integrate with Hosted Payment SDK, however, we coudn't fiind "gateway" in the lefthand toolbar, can you advice how we can find that? Another question is for order ...
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Decrypt ` encrypted_ Is there a Java language version of the sample code for message? 
I have solved the issue.First of all, we do not need to upload any certificate.Second, we could configure our certificate by nginx.
hi guys,I have got a checkout token. So i could get the checkout object by call rest api.Now i wonder to know how could i get the payments object.Any suggestion will be appreciation.
I have the same issue, did you solve it?
How to get the order's products through the Payments Apps Api?I have created a payment Which gid is 'gid://shopify/PaymentSession/iJ6dOX11cFVzzWLVAWm-47VX'.I can't find any API I can use. 
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