Since we had to upgrade to the new version of the Facebook Instagram app we have not been able to connect our shopify store and market again. We had no problems with the old version. Is there ...
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Please continue to request a change. Though I have been doing it since 2020....losing hope:(
Could you offer a free week trial?
Still an issue...3 years later. About to switch POS
How can we get through to Shopify? This is obviously not working. And plenty of customers are experiencing the same frustration!!
Exactly. Please help me try to get through to them!! I have been dealing with this for years. It's so frustrating.
Not sure what else we can do to get their attention...I have been begging for a return feature for years!!!! So frustrating. Getting ready to make a switch. 
Hmmm....When you sell a gift card there are set denominations but at the bottom you should have a custom gift card amount. You can place any amount in there. Atleast this is how mine works.After 3 years and no resolution I am still waiting for a simp...
Resolved…thank you;) 
Did they resolve yet?? I am still having issues. Have you been paid for your pending transactions into your bank account and they have not cleared in your balance or have you not been paid and what the balance is showing is what is still owed? 
I am having the same issue…has this been resolved for you?
EXACTLY…..cannot believe this is STILL an issue. I am launching a new store and seriously considering a different platform. This has been a HUGE negative for me and my business. Idk how to get the point across any clearer…like you said just enable a ...
Do you mind if I ask how you are currently refunding without a receipt? We just launched Shopify two weeks ago and it has not been a seamless transition to say the least. I had Quickbooks for 20 years and never had these issues. My largest complaint ...
just putting in my two cents...This is a huge downfall for me. I have a gift store too. The last thing I want to do is return a gift to the original purchase. Discretion is key in a gift return and a simple return without attaching it to an order wou...
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