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Does anyone have a shopify solution or 3rd party app for connecting multiple instagrams to one shopify? We have 2 brick and mortar vintage clothing stores, each with their own facebook/in...
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Debut theme and here is one of our collections we need sorted by publish date (though we really need them all to be) thanks for the help!   
good to know, but the code you sent me still didn't work. It left all sorts of blank spaces in the grid where items should be, but weren't showing, and wasn't in descending order. I'm not 100% what the order actually was..but the more I think it over...
Thanks! I found it, and it definitely changed the sorting but to what I can't tell... Items def aren't in descending order by publish date because some from 4/17 are at the top of the first page and 4/18 is after...there are also strange empty spaces...
Cool that looks like it should work but I've minimal code I'm not sure where to paste it in when I click edit code. I don's see anything obvious in liquid called a "collections.product" object Is there somewhere particular to put this...
Oh I am not looking to sort my list of collections....I’m looking to sort a collection’s products by their publish dates
Hi! I need to be able to sort items in a collection by publish date NOT by created date. Are there any apps for this or is there a reasonably easy way to do this by adjusting the code for that collection? We use the debut theme.  I see a lottttt of p...
We also need this! We have two storefronts in different states and each has their own Instagram/Facebook accounts
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