Are we allowed to email the Shop's email address after a store installs our app? I don't want to violate any rules but I have ...
I have an app where I'm trying to model sales. I'm looking at knowing where an order was made. OriginLocation - There is almost no documentation on what an OriginLocation is, except for a s...
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I just discovered a new FulfillmentOrder status in production called "start". It's not documented
Hi BBB Toys. How big are your stores in terms of monthly orders? Horse is free if the answer is under 100.
Hi Dutch Mud Men, Such a simple problem! Unfortunately most apps don't care enough to support all of Shopify's features, like archiving. Fortunately Horse has all of the features of Stocky and also supports everything from Shopify, including archivin...
Hi Let's Get A Gift, If you're new, Horse is free. It does do stock taking and inventory updating, but unfortunately it doesn't work with a barcode scanner 
Hi Justin, I would suggest trying out my app Horse for this. It doesn't even require you to set min and max, it figures that out for you based on your store's sales.For label printing, can you explain what you mean? Labels for the boxes / cartons / c...
Hi Kyle, I might suggest my own app Horse for this. It almost does what you need. It won't send the Purchase Orders automatically but it will tell you when you need to make Purchase Orders and it will also tell you how much to order. And it doesn't r...
Hi Kateg, You may want to consider switching to Horse. Because Horse is built exclusively for Shopify, it supports all of Shopify's features including respecting Archiving of products in Shopify.
Stocky is basically an abandoned piece of software it seems. I would recommend checking out Horse as it does everything Stocky does, but is actually updated and has good support!
I'll toot my own horn here because my app Horse is probably the only application out there similar to Stock. It's built exclusively for Shopify and does everything that Stocky can do, but better. It's also not limited to just POS. I'd love to hear an...
Why does this API fail so often? I have 7 failures (503 errors) in the last 24 hours.,39072856,457924702
They do get updated and changed. It would be helpful to know when that last happened.
Through the REST API, Orders contain Fulfillments and Refunds, but not FulfillmentOrders. Why not?
This API would be very useful when receiving an InventoryItem webhook and I don't already have a record of the Variant in my DB.
For some old orders (like, before 2015), the GET `/orders/{order_id}/fulfillment_orders` API always responds 503.
Why is there no API to get a count of the InventoryLevels? It would be very helpful! There exists this API for Orders, Products and Locations.
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