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Hi, Does anyone know of an easy way to make the blogs shown in a row of 3 on the homepage instead of one after the other in one column? Thanks in advance Anth
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Did you resolve this? I now have the same issue and cannot work out how to fix it. 
Hi, We have a collection called clothing. Within that collection we have products tagged baby clothing.  When on the baby clothing page, when you select the sort by and say price high to low, it will then display all products within the collection an...
Thanks very much for your help. That worked!
Thanks for your suggest. While it worked, it messed the header up. The below reply fixed it for me. 
Hi, I am working on a supply theme website. I made the overall content width bigger, but cannot get the slider to follow suit to the same size.  You can see the site here - password fidell  Any help that you could give ...
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