Hi guys! I wonder how can I change the image dimension on collection list. I am using warehouse theme. Attached below is the sample I want to achieve from another website Versus on our website. Is t...
I have purchased Warehouse theme. But whenever I search my site thru google, the description of my site is "Use overlay text to give your customers insight into your brand. Select imagery and text th...
I am trying to purchase Warehouse theme, but I have waited for the confirmation for too long. It is near to finish but it suddenly stops. Can you please help me? Thank you
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Hi Friend I need your help. I installed a new product review app, then now removed the "Product Reviews" app by Shopify, but the feature is still there, that's why I now have 2 lines for product reviews. May I know how to remove it ? Here is my websi...
Hi Shopify Community! I am having a problem inserting the trust badges below the add to cart and buy it now button. Your help is highly appreciated.  Here is my shop url : winlanddepot.comHere is the asset link : https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/008...
Hi Sir @KetanKumar  Yes sir. I am planning to create Search bar from A-Z... when viewer click letter A, all assortments from A will appear, and so on. Thank you!
Hi Shopify Community. I am currently using Warehouse theme, and would like to create a page having a Search bar , and also an A-Z assortment just like in the picture. I guess this would really need some  sort of coding because I tried to check whethe...
THANK YOU SO MUCH!! @Zworthkey 
REALLY  THANKS !! It works 
Really thanks sir @eFoli-Marvic . It really works in desktop. Upon checking, I guess there still error while browsing thru mobile ?  Sorry, if I ask too much assistance.  Our website is : winlanddepot.com Really appreciate your assistance 
WOOOOW THIS WORKED!! Really  really  thanks!!!
Hi Sir @KetanKumar  I was the one who privately message you. This is the error I am currently facing. Thank you in advance.
Hi @Zworthkey , I really appreciate your response. After placing the code, this what happened. The images above the circles are also affected, it became smaller. Is there such a way where in we could link those 2 ? 
Hi Friends! I badly need your help. Would like to ask your assistance on how to remove the white spaces. Here is the link of our website. https://winlanddepot.com/ I will really appreciate your help Sincerely,Jayson      
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