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Hi @Forkeys ,You don’t need Shopify Plus to do that. Simply have the shopper select the store before proceed to checkout. Or do this as they land on the website to have a default or “home” location.
Hi @Tools2u, You would need to create a private app then use an SSH client to fetch the file via FTP server. Parse out what you need then update Shopify.
You can’t purchase or print the shipping label through an API but you can access the order event to sync back with your ERP.
Hi @sphynxrad, Probably looking for a pick pack solution if you want to fulfill in real time using a SKU reader like a 2D scanner or your smartphone.  
Try deleting any Shopify session in production. 
Hi @jainanek, I’ve deployed a 3rd party payment provider with Shopify. Yes it is possible with your current setup. You managed to integrate a 3rd party checkout now you need an expert to write a new script or modify existing code to display a button ...
Hi @SADIK112, Please make sure .env has appropriate permissions in access_scope. Environment and app configuration in partner dashboard should match. Also make sure those permissions were granted when installing your app
Hi @Artbox  This is what I see in the console. You will have to take it up with the developer that made this for you or have someone dive into the code and see how this is being integrated.  custom-product-builder.js is making the API call and this i...
Hi @Artbox, Open Developer Console in Chrome, right click > inspect > network > filter xhr  Look for calls to cart.js and you can trace the initiating script. I would expect to see multiple API calls if you’re getting 429 error.
Hi @WolfieWolf , By searching for “Commissions” instead of “Royalties” I was able to find this app that could work:  If you need help with automating emails and payouts then a custom so...
Hi @AhsanSarwar, I believe the best way to do this is through Public App. You would then sync Products and Account details using either REST API or GraphQL. You wouldn’t be able to query admin API without an access token and only way to get one is th...
Hi @martincoard,These types of apps are embedded into your theme. It’s not necessary that you even need an app. If you know your way with HTML/JS/Liquid then one can modify product templates to have incremental quantity/pricing based on weight. You k...
Hi @S3NNIC, Owner of Approovly app here, wondering if we can be of assistance. Currently it’s meant for one shop to send approval notifications. We will be adding multiple approvers and ability to use your own SMTP server.  Regards,Sam
Hi @unplugged, Seems pretty expensive to migrate POS for the sake of loyalty program. LightSpeed, Klaviyo, Shopify all have APIs that can talk to each other through some middleware. May I ask you what sort of Loyalty programs are you considering? Als...
Hi @VeriVendi , Use this tool its free and I have personally used it in the past to solve SPAM issues:  
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