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Bio: Greeting :) I am Hafiz Muhammad Zahoor, a Web Developer, with 5 years experience in WordPress and Shopify platform. I take pride in my work and believ...

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Well, I can see this view I would suggest please recheck if you made changes on live theme and then saved them because this not an issue that your are mentioning 
Ok, are you sure that you are on the same theme?May be as admin you worked on other theme (not live theme) or may be not saved changes
Hi, don't worry, there is always a solution Can you please share the link of your website. Thanks! 
Hi, want to change this blue color? 
Hi, please share the link of your website so I can help you.
Hi, please share URL of your store and theme name so I can assist you.
Hi, on multicolumn, you should add link in "link" field.Please check again, may be you didn't entered correct link. You are using label "Read more" but link/URL is missing I guess  
I'm sure you are not using Shopify 2.0 so need to update the code. If you can give me limited access, I can do it for you 
Hi, are you using Shopify 2.O?
Hi, go the theme customizer, select default product and from left panel, you can drag items up and downs 
Hiding something is easiest than adding some new feature Would you mind to give limited access of store or we can do zoom so I'll guide and you can do it by yourself, that's what is possible at the moment 
I'm sorry, I can't figure it out 
Would you mind to share screenshot/ recorded video/access (if it's test store)?So I can resolve the issue, Thanks!
Oh sorry, please try this one..announcement-bar {height: 50px;overflow: hidden;position: relative;}.announcement-bar p {position: absolute;width: 100%;height: 100%;margin: 5;text-align: left; /* Align left */font-size: 18px; /* Font size 18 *//* Star...
Hi, there is no error like this, are you sure you are doing it correctly?There are 2 types of collections, which method are you following?
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