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In the end I just contact the individual apps and they removed the duplicates. They couldn't tell me how they got there or how I could've resolved myself.
I am also having this issue. I see that a couple of js urls are listed twice in the `urls` array of the `asyncLoad` function. Does anyone have a solution?
To clarify -- this notification is not sent when a customer record aka "inactive" customer account is first created. It is created when someone tries to use or sign up with that same account again (same email address or phone number).
Thanks for the definitive reply. What's the best way to request (or upvote) a new Shopify feature? This really should be optional, depending on a store's signup/checkout flow.
We want to handle customers whose accounts are created in a 'disabled' state in another way. How can we turn off the email which says "Activate your account"?
Good point! If I can't figure out another solution this would work for now.
I think I sorted my issue, but it would be helpful to fully understand this. So this would just be a one-time PUT request to modify a webhook I've already created via the Shopify Admin -- am I understanding that right? How would such a request be aut...
Did you ever find a solution for this, other than the Customer Fields Zapier integration (which I think is only available on the most expensive plan?)When creating a webhook within the Shopify Admin UI, there are very limited options -- basically onl...
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