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Good news: It turns out po_number (as order.po_number for order-related emails and just po_number for draft-order-related emails) is already available in the Liquid API even though it’s not documented yet.
Being able to enter a PO number on a Shopify B2B order is of limited use to us until we can also display that PO number in customer notification emails. I don’t see that field in the Liquid API for orders. Is there another way to output the PO number...
We could really use a way to @-mention several people at once in a Timeline post because we have a lot of duties that are role-based rather than person-based.
This is a downgrade from what we’ve grown accustomed to with What plans does Shopify have to introduce the ability to void a refund?
Thank you, rancet. The app you point to looks promising.
We would like to automatically add a free shirt to the carts of customers who manually add a truck cover to their carts. How can we use Script Editor to elicit the customer’s shirt size so we add the correct free shirt variant to the cart?
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