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Hi, do you enable UserID tracking in you App listings Google Analytics account? Is the usage covered by the app store cookie consent?
Hi, I'm looking for access to the conversion rate data as shown in the analytics dashboard. I understand this is in principle available via ShopifyQL, which is deprecated.
Hi, can anyone recommend a customer support chat addon which works in embedded apps, peferably with a free plan? I would use Facebook Customer chat, but it does not work in an embedded app (mo...
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Hi,I'm looking to get a way to access the Customer Object from CustomerSegmentMember ( This must somehow be possible because inside Shopify you can also click on the ...
Hello,I have one merchant whose store does not return Orders when using the Bulkquery API, but regular GraphQL (21-10) works just. The Same Bulkquery mutation works on all other stores. Where can I file a bug report for this?
I didn't mean testing per-se.Is there the possibility log into an app with the shop_origin of a different merchant's shop for helping the merchant to resolve issues with the app?
Is there the possibility to test an app with the shop_origin of a different merchant's shop (obviously one that has the app installed)?This would be great for helping merchants to resolve issues with the app! 
Hi, how can I make a hover tooltip like this, shown if the mouse goes over TOTAL SALES? 
So shopify does not allow iFrames within embedded apps?
Yes, whitelisted both, the embedded page url and the shopify url.Safari gives a hint:Refused to load because it does not appear in the frame-ancestors directive of the Content Security Poli...
I'm trying to use Facebook Customer chat in an embedded app in order to provide support.FBCC however does not load inside an embedded app, since the request is being blocked, as seen here. It does however work in a standalone app. Is there any workar...
Hi, I'm running a Facebook campain, that creates clicks but no landing pages views: Ad StatsI tripple checked the ad link and the Pixel ID - any clues what this might be?
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