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Bio: ⁣  ✺ 10+ years in eCommerce, Website Development & Management, SEO, Brand Collaborations & Activations⁣   ✺ 15+ years in SMB Operations/Management, S...

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Adding a drop-down select to a form using the UI Generator. I want to show the Unit (text box) if Apartment is chosen. <p class="line-item-property__field"> <label>Location Type&l...
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Taste version 13.0.0Themes > ... > Edit Code > Footer.liquidAround line 105 you'll see the "footer-block__brand-info", add your link right before the div that contains the image and close the link after the div. It should look something like this:  ...
Here are 3 resources that should help you resolve the issue.  Installing the Google & YouTube channel will give you a place to manage the Merchant Center feed. Shopify documentation for the channelGoogle Documentation for the channelI'd opt for this ...
@RebeG, did you end up staying on Shopify and finding a solid booking system? Feel free to message me instead, if you prefer. One year after this post and I still see industry standard features that are missing from both BookThatApp and Sesami.  (cc ...
I did a fresh install and a quick check on the code below. How to change your Shopify Craft theme background for the homepage only 1. In "edit code" 2. Open theme.liquid 3. Find the opening tag for <body> <body class="gradient">​4. Add a 2nd class na...
Thought...It might be easiest to use an app for the holiday season.Especially because many (all?) Discounts generated by the native platform "can’t combine with other discounts".  LMK what you end up going with or did you find a way around the stacke...
Hey Bernadette, I have a few things in mind, you could pick whichever you're more interested in. I'll message you with my email.Thanks for the drink 弄cheers
I'm not associated with a project but I thought I'd throw in some troubleshooting steps. If I go to Automations > Abandon Checkout and poke around I notice there are a few possible options.  If the other comments don't help out, reply with the steps ...
There are a few steps and boxes to check so to speak. Here are links to help you troubleshoot: Domain Email Needed - FlodeskTroubleshoot Domain Authentication - FlodeskShopify Email Setup Flodesk may walk you through this. 
@BlakeandRob, Look for something similar to a theme.css by just typing css in that same search window. It might be base.css But take a look at this article, does it help you successfully add an image to the background of your homepage in Shopify Craf...
Hi @AhmedAkram, I don't have an exact solution but here are some tips to help you get there.  I'm not completely sure what you're trying to achieve.I didn't observe any pop up issue but it seems like you're saying you're trying to:Prolong the time th...
Hi @TWLee, to get an answer or useful feedback, it usually helps to post additional information for a question like this:a screenshot showing what you want to removethe name of theme you're using
@serhato you should be able to an * (asterisk) as the wildcard character.I didn't find official documentation on using a wildcard to redirect websites in Shopify, but it seems to be working for two of my Shopify sites and this StackOverflow comment s...
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