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Hello! The issue is following: Our store currency is Uzbekistani Som, and we sell only in that currency, so all the prices on the website is shown in Uzbekistani Som. We also manually type i...
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@oscprofessional Thank you so much! It worked!
@oscprofessional It didn't work. Maybe there's another way to identify the page rather than ".pagepage.about"?
@oscprofessional Is that going to change the width of all pages?I need to change the width of some pages.I thought it shoud be something like: if page-handle equals "my-page" then width: 780.No?
@oscprofessional As you can see there it affects the Header and the Footer. I need to change the width of the content only without affecting the Header and the Footer.
@oscprofessional It's not about resizing the window, it's about changing the width of page's content.Please, take a look at the screenshot I have attached to the question.I want to change the width of page's content, so on any desktop screen wider th...
Hello @oscprofessional
Hi!By default our theme (Wokiee) has two types of page width:1) Fullwidth,2) Boxed (1200 px)We use boxed version.For some pages 1200 px are too wide, so we would like to shrink the page content to 780 px.How to achieve that without affecting other pa...
Hello! Have you found the solution for that?
Worked the following code in social-meta-tags.liquid: {% if handle == 'your-page-handle' %} {%- capture og_image_tags -%}<meta property="og:image" content="link-to-your-image">{%- endcapture -%} {%- capture og_image_secure_url_tags -%}<meta property=...
@jam_chan @UmairA thank you for your reply!Can you please help with the code? Which one is correct:  {% if page.handle == 'my-page' %} <meta property="og:image" content="link to my image"> <meta property="og:image:secure_url" content="link to my imag...
Hi!1) As you all know, we can choose custom image (social sharing image) only for collections (there's an option to choose the image).2) For product pages shopify takes the product image as social sharing image.3) For all other pages shopify takes th...
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