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The title says it all. Our business NEEDS the ability to print a USPS SCAN form because of the volume of mail we are shipping. Certainly a $3.4 Billion dollar business doesn't have trouble adding s...
Hi, I have several customers who already dropship my products. I'm always super paranoid that I'll make a mistake and forget to remove my information from the order. Is there an ap...
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Found it! It was Toastibar. I'm contacting the developer now Thanks so much for your help!
I've been going through the apps slowly as time permits but I hadn't thought of removing the description and testing. Thank you, I'll give that a try as well.
It happens in other themes as well. That's one of the reasons I am stumped on the is the Crave theme:
I'm having trouble figuring out why this meta data is visible on the product pages (and not just every one, only the majority) and how to get rid of it. Any suggestions?link to preview theme. Pr...
We ended up going with TapCart, which makes me feel 100% better. Since wehad to set up dev accounts with Google and Apple, we have control if weever decide to switch .The customer service while onboarding us was top notch, although the testwill come ...
Update: contacted by JCurve and are currently working on issue. Hi, Does anyone else use the JCurve Mobile App Builder? Has the company vanished? We have thousands of customers who downloaded our branded app and we receive multiple orders daily, so t...
Hi, We currently have 3 POS registers at 2 retail locations in addition to our online presence. I am seeking some method to sort transactions by the Register ID so we can track sales at each register and perform proper bookkeeping. Does Shopify even ...
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