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So by now I doubt this is even possible, but I've added some extra fields to my registration form and I want the phone number that's filled in there so be saved in the customers account, so that we can call them after creating an account. I've alread...
Hi Shay, I am using the Debut theme. The screenshot of the theme settings is indeed for the header of my store. Thank you in advance for your help.
Hi Shay, Thank you for your reply. I've used the Translate & Adapt app for the German language. I've also added German as published language within my store:
Hi everyone, I recently added a third language to my webshop, German. However, the little flag icon next to the word 'Deutsch' doesn't work. Anyone that can point me in the right direction to fix this? I've never changed the icons, they are the defau...
Hi everyone, I have some text on my webshop that I hardcoded in the past. Now I am translating the site into English as well, so I want to avoid hard coded text as much as possible.I've created some name structures to use:  { "general": { "no_v...
Thank you, that worked great!
Thank you! This was the easiest solution for now ^_^@Jasoliya Is there a way to adjust this piece of code to make the images slighty larger as well?
Thank you! This was the easiest solution for now ^_^Is there a way to adjust this piece of code to make the images slighty larger as well?
Hi there! I have a (probably simple) question for you.On one page of my webshop, I'd like to centre the blocks of 3 sub collections that I made:  On another page I have four blocks, and it looks good:The webshop is Thank you in adv...
*bump*Anyone that can help?TL;DR I only want the transparency on products that are sold out and have no product type assigned to them. 
Hi Mehak!Thank you for your reply on my problem.I've tried your piece of code, but somehow all the transparency is gone. Also of the truly sold out products. Any ideas?
Hello everyone, I want to change the transparency of sold out products in my shop. I managed to do that right now, but actually I only want to affect certain product types. I have added some code to my shop that I have 'uitverkocht/sold out' products...
Thank you for your reply!Variants are not really an option since there are customers that order 6 pieces, but also customers that order 6000 pieces. That would mean I would have to add a loooot of variants to each product.Could you maybe tell a bit m...
I only want to sell products per tray/box.Let’s say there are 6 bottles in a tray, then I only want to sell these bottles per 6 pieces. However, the price of the product must be shown for 1 bottle. If the customer puts the bottles in his/her shopping...
Still looking for a solution if anyone recognises this issue.
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