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The only thing that worked for me was to make the barcode bigger.
Hi,Are you able to go into Shopify app and manage the order from there? I don’t have an active store right now but I know that once you are able to locate the order in the Shopify app, there is a check mark next to paid, and if I click on the 3 dots,...
I see. I know that one of the shops I helped set up ask their customer for their name when they check out. The other shops have a lot of repeating customers so their info is already stored on Shopify.
I was under the impression that we are able to search for either the item being returned or the name of the customer on the POS?
Make sure you have the item numbers from QBPOS as the barcodes in Shopify. And then from the Socket Mobile scanner manual, there should be a barcode to configure the scanner to scan ITF-6 barcodes. I think it says to disconnect the barcode scanner fr...
Maybe wait a bit and try again? I think something is going on with Shopify, it took me a lot time to log in and everything seems to take an extra long time to load.
Do you mean you want to cancel your plan on Shopify? Check Settings-> Plan->change plan to see if that's what you need to do? You will also see that you can Deactivate store on the bottom of the Plan settings.
You should contact and ask for a refund. You may be able to find the order details in an email if you shopped online. I also own an Upright 2.0 and it helped me fix my frozen shoulder about 3 years ago. Once  a while I still use it if...
Which 3rd party app did you send up using instead?
I would like to know as well. Mythmasters migration/integration is scheduled for next Monday!
You can do a custom sale on the Shopify POS but that’s about it. I hate that Shopify expects us to be okay with paying for apps!
I am here looking for the same answer. It is such an important feature all POSs need! 
Hi! I was wondering if another has successfully complete the Quickbooks POS to Shopify POS migration without fail yet! I know on our end that we kept getting some kind of server error and so the Products and Inventory were imported outside of the Con...
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