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Thanks for getting back to me. This is a new theme I'm building.
Hi all,How do I change the colour of my secondary mobile menu background - I want to change to light grey for FAQ, Shipping & Delivery, Returns and Contact Us section only.The coding I've tried adding to theme css is changing background colour for al...
What is my best way to set up separate colours for the same type of product. I looked at adding colour as a variant but this doesn't seem to work well for our website.
Is there a better way to set this up in the backend if colour was removed from title?
Hi again, is there any other way to do this, I've noticed html code <br /> is now pulling through in my backend product list and reporting.
Thanks so much! Worked perfectly. Is there a way to change the colour and size of the 'colour' text
Here is my website link:POWERCUT® 
I want to know how I could amend my product grid to only show Product Title on the top line and colour underneath. At the moment, colour is listed within product title e.g. High-Waisted Leggings Black I want to show High-Waisted Leggings, Black (unde...
Thank you, I appreciate your response.
Thanks for your reply Liam.Could this then show in the Shopify Transfers section?
Hi,I'm looking for a system that allows a bulk upload which transfers stock from one location to another but still shows on transfer list.At the moment, I'm adding transfer line by line which is not time efficient. Is there any way to do this as a bu...
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