Facebook not connecting and just keeps giving me errors. I am the admin of the page, why am i having such an issue?
I was able to add a product last month & add it to a collection. Now I CAN NOT. Nothing has been changed. Why does this happen in Shopify. I can not redo ALL of our collections. Any help would be...
Trying to bulk upload products using a CSV with the correct formatting. I just get an error screen saying to reload. Having no luck.
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Hi all. I am hoping to have a custom solution to my mobile problem. I have ALOT of product types and collections, and while my desktop mega menu is okay - the mobile version is not optimized and I feel is not generating alot of conversions. See HEREI...
It’s not active but preview here
I am trying to have the vendor show but the product title keeps overlapping. How so I move the vendor info lower right above the UPC?  
They haven’t been much help. It was even escalated to their “tax department” and weren’t able to fix the issue. Super frustrating 
Why are you trying to sell me on Marketing?This isn't the right place
Thanks for that but I did get it to work, however how do I get the meta field to show to URL? 
Hi just wondering if anyone can help me with customer metafields. I have VIP customers that I want to show specific messaging to on the their classic account page. So far I have created a custom metafield definition (ensuring that i selected read sto...
I have chatted to someone and they still have not followed up
Hello all, I am having a weird error when processing transactions in person. The tax settings are supposed to show (and at most part) 5% GST and 7% PST on receipts. HOWEVER recently, 4 times out of 10 at random, the receipt will instead show 5% GST a...
Hi there, just wanting my header/ hero be responsive to mobile devices. IE when I look at it on desktop its fine but on mobile the alignment is cut off and way off. You can view hereThanks!
Its in development
its in developmenthttps://nobu-caremetics-development.myshopify.com/pword: nobu
I have a theme that I can working with that allows for transparent header. However it doesn't allow me to change the opacity of the transparency since I don't want it to be fully transparent, but rather 50% transparent. I can select a checkbox that s...
Thanks. Do you mind providing me how the code should look so I can simply past it in? As this is my employers account, I do not feel comfortable inviting others in. 
Hi all. I have a custom contact form coded for a certain page. The form functions  but when you hit submit,  nothing happens? I have other forms on the website that work fine.  Here's the link: https://koyresort.com/pages/influencers
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