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This does not provide any solution to the problem described in this thread.
"you’re able to partially refund an order if a discount was not applied prior to the customer paying. " ->  What if the discount code that was "not applied" has rules and logic required to determine the final refund amount?   When a customer calls us...
In our .Net OMS, I worked around this problem by loading the checkout url inside a browser control and then running a javascript to hide the elements.  The browser control I am using is:Microsoft.Web.WebView2.WinForms.WebView2 The javascript I came u...
My company manages operations and administers several stores on Shopify (20+).  Our Customer Service agents take phone orders and have difficulty switching between accounts and managing several browser sessions.  This is not tenable or scalable. So w...
Do any Shopify development staff ever answer these posts?  I was told by Shopify support that if I post this API question in this forum that Shopify staff would answer.  Seems they only cherry pick what they want to answer and leave most posts unreso...
My app can successfully create Checkouts with a POST.  However the same app is getting: "This action requires merchant approval for write_checkouts scope" When I try to update the same Checkout with a PUT. I do have write_checkout permission granted ...
I am trying to create a checkout using the "/admin/api/2022-04/checkouts.json" end point.I have successfully gotten a store front access token. Here is the return content for this:{"storefront_access_token":{"access_token":"XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX9e34","ac...
We do not want automatic discounts.  That simply paints us into another corner.  But thanks for confirming.  Just FYI, we want to simply create orders with the API that use pre-built discounts and have the discount usage tracked.  So, you can see tha...
I want to create checkouts from a private app using the Storefront API access Token generated in the admin.  How is it possible to use the Storefront API access Token generated in the admin for this?  From what I understand, one pre-requisite for an ...
Axel - Any chance you can explain how your app is using the Shopify API to do this?  Thanks
We manage 11 Shopify sites all on Shopify Plus and need this on all.  If there is a way to make the draft order invoice support entering Discount codes in Shopify Plus accounts, please explain.
I am using a private app to call the Shopify API successfully for all endpoints except the draft_orders.json using RestSharp. When I try to POST to the draft_orders.json endpoint it always returns "You are being redirected" with a link to mystore.mys...
Is there a way to apply a pre-existing DiscountCode when creating an Order/DraftOrder using the API?  For example, I would expect to pass an id of an existing DiscountCode into an Order/DraftOrder and have it apply to the order based on the associate...
I am trying to match Shopify's "Sales Over Time" report and how it calculates the daily refund totals.  I am finding discrepancies are often related to Refund objects with empty "Transactions[]" but still containing "refund_line_item" arrays with ref...
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