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Hi there, We need to make a custom checkout page, with all the steps in one page. Could someone help us understand what the steps would be to achieve this? Shopify does not provide any docume...
Hello there, I'm duplicating a theme from a shopify store, but the copy doesn't get the style settings and sections from the Live theme. Any solution / recommendation will be appreciated. Thanks ...
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it worked for me like this: <script> document.addEventListener('DOMContentLoaded', (event) => { setTimeout(() => { const button = document.querySelector('span.deferred-media__poster-button'); if(button) { console.log('...
I found out that there's an option in the sections
Hi, what about texts coming from a dev theme?I am trying to use the app in a dev theme and get rid of langify..but i doesn't get the index sections and other pages.Thanks in advance
Put this on the custom-css of the section banner:desktop:@media screen and (max-width: 740px) {.banner {display: none !important;}} and the mobile one:@media screen and (min-width: 741px) {.banner {display: none !important;}} 
Do we have access to the shopify bundle object with liquid to display its content ??
Seguramente sea porque el formulario tiene el atributo 'novalidate'. Se lo tienes que quitar o pasar a 'validate'.     Saludos  
Si estas trabajando con la ultima version de dawn. No tiene la opción de añadir la newsletter en bloques. Se tiene que hacer en código o puedes probar con otros temas del shopify theme store.   Saludos  
Hola,Tienes que hacerlo a traves de campos metafields. Saludos
Con una colección automatizada con la condición de si el stock es mayor a cero. 
I have the same problem. Did you contact maestrooo ? Have you received a reply from them ?I see that in most of your products on your site  the zoom works well.Thanks in advance
Hi there,I want to show on the customer-account page the orders coming from POS separately from the orders of the online store. Is there any way to filter the orders in liquid? Thanks in advance 
Hi there,When I use CLI to "shopify theme pull"  I dont get the images downloaded from the assets folder, so I have to download the theme separately from the backoffice and add them back to the folder.What would be the best practice to stock images i...
Yes, with  "shopify login [--store <DOMAIN>]" I can have access. Thanks
Hi there,I am trying to implement the library"AOS animate" to animate sections. I have imported the css and js and initialised with AOS.init(); in theme.liquid before </body>It works fine in the first section, but in ...
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