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I found out that there's an option in the sections
Hi, what about texts coming from a dev theme?I am trying to use the app in a dev theme and get rid of langify..but i doesn't get the index sections and other pages.Thanks in advance
Put this on the custom-css of the section banner:desktop:@media screen and (max-width: 740px) {.banner {display: none !important;}} and the mobile one:@media screen and (min-width: 741px) {.banner {display: none !important;}} 
Do we have access to the shopify bundle object with liquid to display its content ??
Seguramente sea porque el formulario tiene el atributo 'novalidate'. Se lo tienes que quitar o pasar a 'validate'.     Saludos  
Si estas trabajando con la ultima version de dawn. No tiene la opción de añadir la newsletter en bloques. Se tiene que hacer en código o puedes probar con otros temas del shopify theme store.   Saludos  
Hola,Tienes que hacerlo a traves de campos metafields. Saludos
Con una colección automatizada con la condición de si el stock es mayor a cero. 
I have the same problem. Did you contact maestrooo ? Have you received a reply from them ?I see that in most of your products on your site  the zoom works well.Thanks in advance
Hi there,I want to show on the customer-account page the orders coming from POS separately from the orders of the online store. Is there any way to filter the orders in liquid? Thanks in advance 
Hi there,When I use CLI to "shopify theme pull"  I dont get the images downloaded from the assets folder, so I have to download the theme separately from the backoffice and add them back to the folder.What would be the best practice to stock images i...
Yes, with  "shopify login [--store <DOMAIN>]" I can have access. Thanks
Hi there,I am trying to implement the library"AOS animate" to animate sections. I have imported the css and js and initialised with AOS.init(); in theme.liquid before </body>It works fine in the first section, but in ...
Hello there,I am trying to connect myself to a client's store but i dont see it on the list in my terminal when I login.Is it possible to use Shopify CLI as a collaborator to pull/push the themes or do I have to ask the client to become a  employee ?...
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