Hello, we are in the process of migrating to Shopify and hoping someone can help with functionality ideas. Right now we operate two separate stores. One USA currency that pays-out to our USA...
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Hi Mac, Hoping you're still around. Have read through this carefully and found solution to our problem.... sort of .  In a nutshell we are in Canada and Export to the USA. So Shopify Markets is a fabulous solution.  Have created a new store and it's ...
I have the same question. Did you ever find a solution beyond having two stores?
Yup …. spam back too   
Hi Greg, appreciate that you're sticking this out with us. It is correct that 404's clear over time. Since we may from time to time change or modify a page here and there. Google doesn't punish for normal activity. But 100's and 1000's is another mat...
thank you for the help… but beyond me and average Shopify vendor. If  I need dev team budget to navigate Shopify then WHY  am I here?
same issue and when I link to the page ending with .atom it show all of the code. Seems a little too transparent.  Anyone know why or what app causes this? 
Increase in 404 pages. Google asks to validate fix. ???  
Prepare folks. Small business  entrepreneurs that is… You may be reduced to referrals and direct email. Google may or may not be helpful to us. Time will tell but prepare for not.IMO next decade will not be friendly to small biz. 
So over my head. I just moved my little growing store to Shopify thinking it should be fairly understandable and manageable. Shouldn’t be rocket science. That was the pitch after all. Guess I need a dev team now to figure this out. 
Only advice I can muster . Give up and move on. As a small business person for decades always facing one obstacle after another. Banks and Government were traditionally most difficult entities to navigate, but as of last decade big tech corporations ...
same experience for us...
Agreed...damage is done and not just domain also Brand. Yup investor relations will have work ahead to explain this.    
Google is off our plate now, up to last fall, it accounted for 85% of our exposure. The only traffic now is from prior customers or referrals. Needless to say not good.
IMO Shopify nor Google will solve this… no worries, their prerogative, but we can’t wait any longer. 
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