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Unbelievable that Shopify supports one junk scanner. This may be the last straw of Shopify’s nonsense for me. 
Allegedly the zebra ds2278 will work according to support, one guy finally admitted. I just got mine in and will be trying it out shortly. The socket mobile scanners are a complete joke and a slap in the face of someone running anything more than a h...
The socket barcode scanners imo are junk. I don’t know why they won’t support a legitimate enterprise level scanner.
The socket scanners are garbage. I can't believe they only support these little hobby version scanners and not something more robust and enterprise level.  
Agreed. Shopify is such a disgusting platform for nickel and diming you into 100 apps to serve basic functionality.  
I have not looked. I just don't understand why they would remove the year end statement of charges. It seems they are the only company that removes features as they grow. Asinine.
Because they remove features to push us into 3rd party apps for everything. It is beyond aggravating. 
This is absolutely absurd. How do you continue removing useful features and forcing us all into 3rd party apps to accomplish even basic business functions. Infuriating. 
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