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It doesn't work. I have customer tags (the ones we are trying to delete) that aren't used on product orders so to test your approach I added one of those customer tags to one product order and then followed your process. While the tag has disappeared...
We have created a round-about system for this as we work with a lot ofschools and need to send PDF Tax Invoices prior to payment for PurchaseOrders.Here is our process:*Create and save *the CustomerNow, *start *to create a Draft Order- select the cus...
Thanks for pursuing this RussellH. I have been hunting everywhere trying to find a solution to this as well. It is RIDICULOUS! I have lots of tags that need adjusting. The most annoying is I miss-typed a word when adding a customer tag from my phone ...
Hi OliviaThanks for this work-around suggestion.The only catch is that many of the invoices are being created for customers already in the Shopify database. My whole aim is to get products allocated to their specific customer profile to open up the l...
Hi Olivia,With regards to your questions:yes, the 'additional invoice' is the receipt of payment generated automatically from Shopify when I click 'Make A Payment' and choose 'other'.  There is also one sent if I choose 'Mark As Pending' . I am tryin...
OliviaI have the exact same problem in my business. I work with a lot of schools and departments who require a very convoluted process of purchase orders and delivery prior to payment. I have been generating invoices in MYOB for the quotes and loadin...
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