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Hi all, I went through all the related topics here, I've tried following the tutorial that appeared in most of them related to this subject, but nothing helps. I feel like the solution is a ...
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No.. Still waiting to hear back from Google. Any updates on your end?
I don't think it has anything to do with a theme, to be honest. Google needs to crawl a checkout page (which is the same on all stores, regardless of a theme) to be able to establish the available payment methods. I've now allowed "/checkout" to be c...
No, still the same. I've escalated the issue to Google's senior support staff, however, for some reason I doubt that this will change anything. I can't believe that this issue is not questioned by thousands of vendors. Or are we missing something?
I went through that article a bunch of times, but it doesn't provide the answers that I need. I made changes to robots.txt last night, but not sure if that's what they need. I mean the checkout page doesn't really exist until something is in a cart, ...
No, unfortunately, that's not the case. The same payments methods have been available on the store for nearly 2 years.
Hi all, For those of you who use Google Merchant Center, you may have noticed that in the "Shopping experience scorecard" they have recently introduced "eWallet" number of payment methods. The problem is that even though I have 3 out of 4 (Apple Pay,...
Hi guys, Do any of you have any kind of free script/API that allows to display visitor's country? What I'm trying to do is to add this information to my product page, which would look something like this: "Free Shipping to {Country}". I know there ar...
@nidhipatel  Phenomenal! It works like a charm.  I can't thank you enough, you're a legend. Best,Al
@nidhipatel  Amazing, thanks so much. I'd rather not share the link on a public domain, I hope you understand. But you seem to understand exactly what I need, so I don't think there will be any issues. Best,Al
@nidhipatel  Wow, you're a superstar! Thanks so much mate, it works like a charm. Just one little thing I'd like to add - I have a feature coded in which requires users to select a variant before they can add it to cart (until then ATC is disabled). ...
Hi all, I'm trying to implement "You save % ($)" message, however, I run into a little issue with products that have variables - the savings would not update on variant change. This I believe is due to missing JS as it's an added feature that's not w...
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