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Hi @vitorascorrea, Just following up on my previous reply. What options do we have to remove the message for our merchants who already have bundles created  in Shopify and set up as bundles in our app? Thanks for your time!
Hi @vitorascorrea,  Thanks for your response. However, majority of our merchants use existing products from their store (for SEO and other reasons) or are migrating from our previous version of the app (Simple Bundles without cart transform function)...
Amazing! Thanks @Liam to you and the team for the prompt resolution on this bug. Appreciate you all! 
Thanks for escalating this @Liam! Appreciate it!! 
Hey Shopify team, we are getting loads of reports of issues with cart updates and all bundles in Shopify (created using "Shopify Bundles app", using cart transform and using the mutation productVariantsBulkUpdate). Specifically, these are not working...
Our app builds customized bundles using Shopify's cart transform function ( and we set the requiresComponents flags on the parent bundle (product variant -
Thanks @Nick_Wesselman! I might have missed the initial detail that this was specifically with merchants who have reinstalled the app. @Liam mentions that the cart transform function should be removed after uninstall, but we are seeing the user error...
Hi @Liam,  I believe this is only for merchants who uninstall/reinstall our app.> When a merchant uninstalls your app, the cart transforms created by the app should be automatically removed by Shopify. Doesn't seem like it's true because during the r...
Merchants using our app that have already enabled the `cartTransform` function using the `cartTransformCreate` mutation ( aren't able to retrieve the cart transform func...
@FarmGard @Mikejones871 @bearandbabe You can use the bulk mark orders ready for pickup directly using the DC preorders app: You don't need to be using preorder functionality or managing the orders via the app to ...
Hi @ZaDu, If you want to set some of your products to preorders instead of buy nows, you can use the "Preorder - when out of stock" type on the DC Preorders app. This type allows you to accept orders for a product that is currently out of stock, and ...
Hi @felipebrahm, Yes, you can add line item properties to an existing cart in Shopify using a link. You just need to modify the URL format to include the line item properties you want. Here's an example URL you can use:
Hi @starsalight,  You can easily set this up using DC Pre-orders, by selecting "Preorder - when out of stock". See screenshot below:  If you need any assistance, reply to this thread or email us at
Hi @honeybug,  You can use DC Preorders to set up ship dates for each product variant and you display this on the product pages in the shipping policy text and buttons:   Here're the setup instructions:
Hi @FlameGlove,  You can easily this up using DC Pre‑orders. Here's a demo video to walk through the setup:    Let me know if you have any specific questions around the setup.
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