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thought the theme was an app liquid file that I no longer needed so I deleted it but now, on the cart page, it shows up like this. can anyone help me fix this?
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Simply, not yet. Unless done manual like mentioned above but I just had myfriend who codes take a look at the smart button to see if he can integrateit with my shopify store to trigger the order once the payment has beenmade but he said it would be t...
Thank you for this! It's been a hassle for our company to try and get a third payment processor when there's not a lot of options since we are located in Korea. I had a few questions though, have you tried it out on your store? Does it trigger the we...
Pretty new to dropshipping and having a hard time finding the right answers! Your help would be greatly appreciated To my understanding, dropshipping sales model requires us to only make the payment once an order has been made on our store. Here are ...
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