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Nope, I ended up asking for the customer to send me an email with all their orders and I manually submit then and add the terms as a deferred payment.   Not ideal but since it's only one client, it's okay for now.  I did chat with Shopify support and...
Currently our online store takes orders which are paid via credit card or PayPal before the order is fulfilled. We have one customer who orders every week and would like to have Net 30 terms.  I know we can manually submit an order to provide net ter...
I was also having the issue with the image being really big when adding the href, so I added it to the div above it and for me this worked.  The Image now is a link and it holds the correct size.  I attached a screenshot of where I added the a href.....
Hello Shopify,  Anybody have any advice on this?  I still can't get it to work.  It excludes everything except for 6 pages.  I submitted my sitemap to Bing, and it indexed everything in 5 minutes.
Anybody have any advice on this issue? Thanks!
Crickets... Any advise?
I launched a site back on Thanksgiving and so far only 4 pages appears when I google "site:amazonasfoodsonline.com".  I made sure to add my sitemap.xml for both amazonasfoodsonline.com and www.amazonasfoodsonline.com about 2 weeks ago.    I noticed a...
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