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Hi, I'm thinking of using the POS channel. After I installed and activated the POS App - click on Home, I'm unable to see the Register option. Will this appear only after I'v...
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Hi, I realized that I could make more menus under the navigation section in shopfiy,  (Duh)!  And that allowed me to select them by doing your solution.  Thanks 
I would like to do a little re-arranging of my footer menu and noticed some sites have multiple columns in their footers for page links.  How can this be done?  Here is my current footer configuration Here is what I would like it to look like? Is the...
Resolution:The issue is the record name. I needed to remove my domain name and leaving only `litesrv._domainkey`.  Note: For (almost) all registrar/DNS providers the domain is automatically appended to the record name
I'm trying to authenticate my Mailerlite to my Shopify domain DNS.  I've followed Mailerlite's specific directions and Shopify knowledge base and waited 36 hours just in case it needs more time to do its thing, but still won't authenticate with Shopi...
I'm manually upgrading my theme from Impulse 3.4 to 7.2, and I would like to hide my default Shopify newsletter but only show the social media icons in the footer of my theme.  Does anyone know where in the footer. liquid I need to either comment out...
I just installed Tabs for my products and set up a static tab for Reviews.  But now I'm seeing a double Product Review - 1 in the tab and then below the tab section. I went into Product REviews and tried to uninstall the snippet, but it doesn't seem ...
Thank you, that worked!  
Hi, that code didn't work, but I found this code which helped 50% off it.  .section-header{ display: none; } Now the page title still appears as part of the navigation line ahead of the page contents. Question:  What is the code called for the line ...
Hi, I'm about to upgrade my theme to Impulse and noticed that my landing pages are showing its name at the top.  I'm unable to locate how to make it not displayed.  Any ideapreview of my new theme and 1 of the sample pages. https://pkispfn5p68imh94-2...
This theme is not active at the moment.  Current is www.tiryoriginals.comhere is a preview of my new theme 
I added my klaviyo newsletter signup form to the footer of my new impulse theme footer.liquid, but I believe its size has hidden the social media icons beneath it. Is there some code I can add to make the social icons appear in the middle of the foot...
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