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Hi, I am selling services instead of products on my Shopify Store. For example a haircut service: Is there any suggestions on how my clients can redeem their service after purchase? The only idea I...
This is going to be the first time I am transferring a store to a client hence I wish to make sure I am doing this right. However I have some question regarding the procedure and the url, hence requi...
Hi, I am currently navigating and learning the functions available in Shopify using my developer store. I am looking at stocktaking for Inventory now. From the Help Center it says go to Inventory &gt...
Hi, I am looking at the list of payment type available in Singapore from this weblink https://www.shopify.com.sg/payment-gateways/singapore. In the list there is DBS PayLah! payment mode. How d...
Hi, I am setting up Shopify stores for salon owners. If they are going to sell gift cards on their Shopify stores, how can I use the gift cards to redeem for services in their salon instead of pro...
Hi I am from Singapore. The online credit card rate for Basic Shopify is 3.2% + 50¢. Since the monthly subscription is in USD, is the 50¢ in USD or SGD? Thank you. Regards.
Hi, I added an Image with Text section to my Shopify store. The text size option is only large and medium, and medium is still too big for my page. Is there a way for me to further decrease the si...
Hi, I am a new to the Shopify Partner program and I will like to create a demo store(s) so I can show it to the small business owners to get them on board. My questions are: 1) How do I create a d...
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Hi, I will be creating an online store that sell products in multiple countries.I found 'Shopify Markets' and have a few questions.1. Does Shopify Market apply currency exchange rate to the product selling price automatically or users are able to man...
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