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Hi All - I have set up my store to send orders to Royal Mail Click and Drop so I can purchase and print postage labels....all works great for unfulfilled orders. However some of my items are...
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Thanks but this still shows the in the address bar ......I have added this code to the template of the 'specials page' and the redirect is working, but it is not 'masking' the address bar.....I also tried the pushState o...
I have a 'currently on-special' page on my site which redirects using window.location.assign to the product that I have decided is the 'special' this month. But I want the address bar to remain as the 'on-special page address' so that when people cop...
Thanks for replying - in the end, I contacted Shopify Support who have found a bug with my checkout and are in the process of fixing it.
Anyone having an issue with checkout fields? I have for example, Company and Phone set to 'Do Not Ask' in my checkout preferences, but it is still showing as a field in the checkout form? I am on a 1.0 theme, but in testing my upcoming 2.0 theme the ...
Thanks but what I mean is will we ever be forced to change to 2.0.....or am I safe staying on 1.0 .....will there come a time when the site stops working as shopify decommission old checkouts etc if i remain on a 1.0 theme?
I have a highly customised shopify 1.0  - is it worth me going through the pain of converting to 2.0 or will 1.0 always work within the shopify structure. eg. will the checkout etc always work for 1.0 themes or do we think that this will be removed a...
I would also love this - when you schedule blogs, it's sooooo important to be able to order by release date in your admin view...I honestly struggle to understand why this is not already an option...
I am also suddenly geting this whilst trying to customize my theme through admin - nothing on my theme has changed since last time I did this
Ah...just tried again and I am in now with no problems - very very odd!
I am also having this issue this morning having never had this before.....
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