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How can i remove the space above my product description and bring it higher?
This wasn't like this before so I really don't know why it's all of a sudden like this for only 8 products Never mind I fixed it
I've searched and tried a few things but still don't have my logo centered and higher and the search box all the way to the left. Thanks, Jeannie
I want the menu name "Stash Builder Deal" to be in color #d9bb2f where and how do I do this in Supply Theme? My website is Thanks Jeannie
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I have the supply theme. Is there a way to do this without editing code?
Yes!! They will tell you there's nothing wrong but there is. When I click buy shipping label it takes forever for it to decide to do it. Then when the page finally comes back you can print the label but you don't see the tracking number. I have to re...
Sad that they keep making it worse instead of better. They will see us leaving for more functionality elsewhere. They are trying to make us pay more to get basic stuff. How sad. I won't play that game I'll go somewhere else.
So I have sendle and used them because Shopify not being ready and also my being charged 131.67 in those adjustments. So Sendle had the right price but then on their billing instead of 6.44 the charges were 39.00 - 44.00 for 8 of them!!! Now I get to...
No change in 80z and under or in 12oz and under just slower service WTH why'd they say oh it will be cheaper. Always lies
Also I'm about to process my packages to go out tomorrow and I find I'm afraid to use their shipping service to get my labels. The whole thing has left me disillusioned and worried now.
I agree. They really showed us the kind of company that we are dealing with. Support was nonexistent and we were left worrying for days. Sad that we found out they don't care about us.
Good luck with those overdraft fees. I see you having to get a lawyer for those. They barely wanted to give the fraudulent charges back. If something like this happens again I'm gone. One time is maybe a glitch but if it or something similar with the...
I agree totally. It will suck to move but it's not just this it's all the things at shopify that shouldn't be. To have things that all businesses need to function you must buy app after app. It seems my admin pages never load well much of the time. T...
I didn't get one either just the first one. Support tells a lot of stuff that isn't true. Nor are they much help anytime I've reached out. Just pretty copy/paste words that mean nothing.
Me too! I'm looking at other platforms. The response to this and us just hanging while they "investigate" is ridiculous. It's obvious these are fraud charges and shouldn't be there so remove them. At the least I may never use their shipping again for...
I just got out of chat too and zero help. Rest assured they are investigating this.In the meantime I'm supposed to pay these fraudulent charges since my billing cycle is due and no I can't just pay what I actually owe.Unbelievable!!!
Chat person said they wouldn't take these charges (My billing cycle is due today) but they did. They should have froze these amounts while they investigate and fix this. Very unprofessional to treat your customers this way and not remove these charge...
The sad thing is no post offices ever answer their phones and would claim they don't know anything about this. So calling them won't get us anywhere. If I'm not refunded for these scam charges I will be leaving shopify. It's shopify's responsibility ...
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