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Hello, are there any ways to connect to Zalando by myself instead of those hundreds or even thousand of euros connecting apps? Here is the integration guide: https://partnerportal.zalan...
Dear members, My store was approved by Zalando, and now we are looking for a way to connect our shop without any 3rd party apps. Here are the documents about the connection:
Hi, we are selling premium and luxury products. Due to our niche we have faced with several hardnesses. We are looking for experts in premium and luxury marketing, who can review our store and give u...
Dear community members. We have seen the Shopify tweet that offers feedbacks on stores. We are a Budapest, Hungary based premium store which stands for slow fashion, ethical production and sustainabi...
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Dear community, and developers. We are on Shopify since 2019, and we feel like we are missing out on a huge chunk of possibilities, due to your USA-centric business model. We've been reaching out to support for a long time, many times to get an estim...
I would like to solve the issue, that's why I am asking here, so hopefully, somebody had the same, and found a solution, instead of hiring an expert. I think that Shopify should offer this as well in their monthly fees.
Hello, sure!
Our site has a 30 speed score only. We have to boost it us much as we can, but couldn't found any good solution for it.Unfortunately, the support can not help with these complex things, so we are looking for somebody who can share their experience by...
Hello, are there any ways to connect to Zalando by myself instead of those hundreds or even thousands of euros connecting apps? Here is the integration guide: it possibl...
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