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Nope. Still happens to our customers, albeit not consistently.  
Completely agree, never paying up front again. Got told conflicting info, wound up costing us an extra $300.
Nope, sorry, no solution was ever offered.
Definitely need a solution to this that isn't convoluted.  I can list order turnaround times everywhere and still people will manage to miss it. So far this year it's led to 10 or so issues with customers so it's definitely costing us $$
Just bumping this because it's still happening without resolution. Unfortunately, it has cost us customers now and also hurt our reputation.  
Bumping this because it's 2023 and this issue still exists with no help from Shopify. Sometimes an invoice gets snagged by customer's email filters, sometimes it just never gets sent. Also fails to send when I've edited an order and customers owe an ...
Yes, Shopify please address this as it is a basic function that we've been asking about for years. 
Has anyone gotten any real fixes from Shopify? I'm using a Shopify domain and this has happened so many times now with 1st issue orders, and also modifications when someone adds a service after the fact. We've tried everything but it's still happenin...
Same thing, all I got back from shopify was a generic unistall/reload/blah blah blah. 
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