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Hi there, Question - when did Shopify offer the 90 day free trial and is it still going on or have it ended? I thought it went until September but some people are tell me that it is no longer availa...
Hi, while it may seem counter-intuitive, I'm interested in using Shopify as a branded info website first and an ecommerce store second. The reason is I'd like to share more information about my ...
At the last Shopify re-unite announcement last week, the new APP or feature to allow installment payments was made. First, if this is a feature and this post is in the wrong category, please...
Hi there, I like that Shopify has integrations with other channels, can process payments and (soon) do installment payments. Do you know if anyone has made a services store, say for...
Hi there, Can I split-test or ROTATE my logo on my store? 3 colors for logos, not sure which one to keep. I'm talking about where it would appear, such as in the top left hand corner of the ...
Hi there, I'm trying to activate Shopify Payments onto a new store but it seems I am unable to do so because there isn't a phone number in my store. Question: I've looke...
A question about listing productions in the Shopify store collection that are "coming soon" or "available for pre-order" or "contact if interested". Basically I'll be listing a few p...
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Note: If your video file is larger than 20MB, you'll have toupload it to YouTube and use the embed code. Otherwise, you'll need to find a hosting provider for your video, instead of using my Step 1 suggestion of Shopify Files. Hi! 20MB video isn't go...
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