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Hi everyone, When trying to request an order's fulfillment in the Shopify Admin, we're getting an internal server error. Nothing in the order seems out of place. We do have a private app that is han...
Hi all, Sorry for the vague title, and I'd appreciate any help with this. For some unknown reason, Shopify has ceased calling our /fetch_stock.json endpoint recently. This is the case for both hour...
Hi, When completing an unfulfilled order fulfillment through the Shopify Admin ("Mark as fulfilled"), which has a status of pending or open, the fulfillments/create webhook topic i...
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Hi Kevin - thanks for confirming that. You mentioned it's a "Shopify embedded app" (using Shopify App Bridge?), if so maybe check out session tokens. I also found a small library built for SvelteKit which verifies the Shopify token. Maybe take a look...
Hi @ksoenandar, I'm not a Node.js dev but I figured I'd weigh in. It looks good here as you're removing the `hmac` parameter from the message string and encoding it using Hex/Base16, which is correct. I'm not sure what `searchParams.toString()` is ex...
The library is compiled using Java 11 (version 55.0), which I've noted in the README. You are using Java 8 (version 52.0). You will need to use Java 11 or above to use this library.
Hi @sahil_197,I'm unable to verify your work due to the missing shop and secret, but based on your example:Use Base16 encoding instead of Base64 when verifying the HMAC for OAuth requests/redirects. Your required HMAC looks to be encoded in base16, w...
Hi @garyrgilbert,The value of the X-Shopify-HMAC-Sha256 HTTP header is expected to be different for each HTTP request, and redirect. You can use your app's shared secret/secret key (not the API key) to validate the HMAC, to verify each request and we...
Thank you @_JB for your help with this. This is not an issue with Shopify, but instead with the webhook consumer. I was consuming webhook messages and resending them downstream using a  application/x-www-form-urlencoded HTTP content type. I neglected...
@_JB  I've just re-tested this and reconfirmed it's an issue.In addition, ISO 8601 timestamp offsets are also affected. (Expecting: "2020-05-26T12:35:30+01:00")"created_at": "2020-05-26T12:35:30 01:00","updated_at": "2020-05-26T12:35:30 01:00",(Expec...
Hi JB, I sent you a private message with the store URL.It's a development store, and you can create webhook subscriptions to test this. I discovered the issue on the fulfillments/create topic. Kind regards,Alan
Hi everyone, I'm new to the Shopify community, but really enjoying playing with the platform so far.  I'm creating a Shopify App to create a custom fulfilment service, and I've been doing some testing on it. I noticed in the fulfillments/create even...
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