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A customer calls and askes "do I have any Discount Codes available?"  I would like to search to see if the customer has any open codes.
Can I search a customer for available discount codes.
Olivia, I am having the same problem   the label was created today and voided todayit is a new order from todaythere is no button to create a label.
I am not getting to the search query page!!!!
Trevor, I am having the same problem. I am running two stores and when I select the store that is having issues I continue to be directed to this page (see attached)
Yes - Having same issue. How do we get Shopify Chat Support?  My chat box is no longer coming up with  
Hi Claudia, I would like to see an example of a report . . .  A report by "collection" includingIMAGE, SKU
Did you find a solution to hide the QR code?
Go to the orders pageFilter by Date (selections available or custom)Export the listSort Excel sheet by "Fullfilled at" newest to oldest (A-Z)You can see the orders that were sent out by date
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