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Hello, I am using this API admin/api/2021-07/collections/{collection-id}/products.json to get all products of a specific collection. However, the response from this API does not contain variant info...
I want to add a specific product to cart every time a product is added to cart . Shopify.onItemAdded Event not firing on product page,cart page and collection . Shopify.onItemAdded = function(...
Hello! I am using debute theme for my store and banner slider app for testimonls half of the testimonal section is invisible. Can somebody guide me how to fix this issue. Thanks
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Hello, I  have a meta object name "product_options" that have a field of type product named "heater_selection" when i access this field through {{ product.metafields.custom.product_options.value.heater_selection }} i get this gid://shopify/Product/86...
thats working in browser console but I want it in shopify node app in ndex.js or middleware, it doesnt work there and i get error.
hey @SBD_ is there no way we could call a route in backend? if so how can we call a route in backend pleae share eample.
here is my index.js codeimport  scriptTags from './middleware/scriptTags.js';import shopify from "./shopify.js";const app = express();app.post("/api/install", async (_req, res) => {  console.log(res.locals.shopify.session.shop);});const sessionId= aw...
@SBD_ thanks a million. I tried the code you provided but its not being called. I am using express. I tried both in index.js and middleware but this is not executed.const app = express();app.post("/api/install", async (_req, res) => {  console.log(re...
thanks @jackcylin for your response. I get this error ReferenceError: window is not defined with window.Shopify
Thanks @jackcylin How to get current shop domain in public app?
@SBD_ I am working on a test wishlist app with node and react for learning. I am using script tag api. I am able to get access token but how to get shop url here?await axios.post({shop}`/admin/api/`LATEST_API_VERSION`/script_tags.json`;, scriptTagBod...
how to get shop url in backend or serverside? I want shop url in index.js and middleware.I want to call this apihttps://{shop}/admin/api/2021-04/script_tags.jsonhow to get value of shop?
@RyanMacdonald could you please help me. How to get shop url in node and react app in backend or serversde. I want shop url in ndex.js or middlewre? I am calling this api but failed to get shop url herehttps://{shop}/admin/api/2021-04/script_tags.jso...
Hey, @SBD_ I am waiting for your response,please help me. How to get shop url?
Hey @rousnay, Could you please help me. How to get shop url?
Could you please help me?  How to get shop url in backend? in index.js or middleware. I want to call script tag api how to get shop here https://{shop}/admin/api/2021-04/script_tags.jsonhow did you get shop here await shopify.api.session.getOfflineId...
Could you please help me. I searched alot but couldnt find solution. How i get shop url? I am stuck please help
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