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Bio: I'm a software developer based on web and mobile application programming technologies. I use most of the new trending solution structures and the rang...

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Can you provide the code snippet? Or send it via email?
Hi @mpatsia that means you have a undefined block type in section schema 
To display product images as thumbnails in customers' order history using the Shopify SENSE theme, you'll typically need to customize the theme code. Here's a general guideline to achieve this: Backup Your Theme: Before making any changes to your the...
Hello @bbjewelry Shopify offers various ways to manage product translations, and while the built-in Translate & Adapt feature is a good starting point, it may not meet all needs. If you want to skip translating product names or need more flexibility,...
Hi @NEBRASKA Here is the CSS snippet you need:  body:has(.js-menu--is-open) { overflow: hidden; } .mobile-nav__dropdown { height: 100vh; overflow: auto; } 
Hi @wanburd13 Can you provide a URL for your shop? 
Can't reach your shop but here is a CSS snippet that should achieve what you want:  css /* Change colors for "featured collection" and "collection" sections */ .featured-collection, .collection { color: #F2F2F2; } /* Set font sizes for product t...
Your store is asking for e-mail
Hi @JADIS Can you provide a url for preview?
Hi @Silax You could also prefer a custom script running on node-red or any similar solution using webhooks from Shopify. I can help you to build one.
Can you provide the store link to clarify the issue?
Hello @DimitrisZ,Can you provide a briefly draft design/look of your need? - Will you remove current navigation for default state and display after clicking the hamburger menu?- Your search icon is on the left already, do you want to move it to the r...
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