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Literally I just googled the issue and can't quite believe this has not been resolved since 2016 臘‍♀️ I am having the same issue - having refunded, cancelled and archived the order it STILL shows in my unfullfilled tab and it's very annoying
@KetanKumar wrote:@roxiesweetheart that's work whole site It only worked for the top collection
great that worked! Can I do the same to the collection underneath too?
Yes I want to reduce the spacingthank you
Text and images dont completely align as it is anyway if you look at the current live website
I can't really notice! Can you send me the code so I can try it please?Thank you 
It looks okay to me... what is the issue?Thank you
Thank you!That worked for the gaps at the top and under the gallery but I also need to make the margins between the products photos and product titles in 'what's new' and 'gifts under £10' on the main page pleaseThanks again 
Hi all!I've been playing around with the code and managed to get some things changed but also managed to mess up some of the borders/margins so there are some weird gaps!Can anyone tell me how to reduce these margins again?My website is : www.roxiesw...
I tried to but it won't let me upload any jpeg files (screenshots) from my phone ...
Hi, I've not had this issue before but suddenly the spacing for my featured collections has become really gappy! I use Minimal themeIt seems to be worse on the mobile site you 
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