Hello please i need assistant moving Reviews and Q&A to the bottom on mobile screen in product page I want it to be placed above the social media icons, any help will be greatly appreciated....
Hello, please i need assistant making the slick-logo slider appear/work on my store, i am using the debut theme 12.0.0 version, i have followed every steps in this tutorial without any error message,...
This is a screenshot of how my header look on desktop i am hoping someone can help me figure out how to make hamburger menu visible as it is already in my code but i think it is set to "hidden" plus ...
Hello please I need help editing my store header on desktop and tablet view, 1st) I will like to change the menu on desktop to hamburger menu 2nd) I will like to reduce the logo size and center it pr...
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@ThePrimeWeb  Please HelpI want to remove the "Read More" button from the product page on mobile, as it's not working and affecting the conversion rate.   
@ThePrimeWeb Thank you very much, I'm very grateful. Thank you.
And if it would be posible to give the "Subtotal" a yellow background please.
Hi @ThePrimeWeb Thank you very much it looks just how I want it but what if I want to extend the red border to be full width? I think it would look more better that way.
Hello @ThePrimeWeb  please I need help making this few changes for my cart page as wellI want to add a yellow background to the header and some text as indicated and I'd like a red border on the item that's about to be boughtPlease help with the code...
Hello @pooja_d_92 Thank you very much for your response https://www.tradatheaterequip.com/products/flash-furniture-anetos-series-4-seat-reclining-black-leathersoft-bt-70273-4-bk-gg Thank you once again.
Hello please who can help me move judge.me review widget under the image carousel on our product pageI would like to move it to this position only on desktop without it affecting mobile. Please help me and thank you very much in advance.
  Please how can i make my website look like the one above, i only want the logo to remain centered
Please how can i remove the excessive white space above the logo?
I still need help with this, please anyone
Hi DigitsupCA thank you, can I get an email with which I can add you to the store?
 The first image is my store and the second image is what I'm trying to achieve To make it pain; I'll like to change the search icon into a phone icon and then put a search bar underneath to move the logo and other stuff upward to remove the excessiv...
Alright thank youhttps://www.tradatheaterequip.com/blogs/blog-post/what-is-your-best-movies-of-all-time-playlist But I need the changes to reflect on all of my blog posts and not just this one alone
Hello I have been trying to center the text content on my blog post. 
www.tradatheaterequip.comThank you
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