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Hi, I am having a weird issue: when adding a product to the cart and then going to another product page the cart is emptied, all the content of the cart is erased. This seems to be happening ...
Hello, I am using both Shopify Payments and Paypal. In Shopify Payments set-up, I accept multiple currencies for my customers. My shop default currency is USD When a user chooses GBP...
Hello! I would like to know how can I edit the text shown at checkout in the attached screenshot?
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Hello! Have you been able to solve this issue? I am also trying to remove the "subscription policy" message in the checkout footer. Unable to do so. Any help would be appreciated, thanks! 
Hey guys! We are a U.S based merchant and I just noticed as well that we have successfully processed several checkout for Australia, UK and Canada customers over the past few days. It's great that the option is available again for our international c...
Hello,  To this day, have you found any solution to this problem ? I am also facing this issue and cannot find any good alternatives.Thanks. Ben
Hi there,  Thanks for your comment. I tried the native boundless theme and it's having the same issue. The boundless demo theme works, but note the native when installed on our Shopify store.  Hopefully @Shopify can provide some insights! 
Hello,  Our store is using a custom Boundless theme. Just a few days ago it appears the cart drawer stopped working for no specific reason. After looking into it, it appears this is due to a handlebars.compile errors. It says it is not a function.  Y...
Hi,I am still struggling to find a solution at this point, does anyone know what I could try? Thank you! 
Hello, We are having an issue getting the Recharge app to work properly on our store. The issue is that the price on the product page is changing to zero jus after a product is added to the cart drawer.After further investigating, we discovered this ...
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