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Oh ok I'm Sorry.So I did move my Code lines on the right section as you directioned me, but now unfortunately I cannot see the Custom Field on my product page anymore
Thank you so much for the complete answer Paul, being extremely new to coding I only understood half of what you said.Do you think you can tell me, if my line codes are outside the "form"Thank you again  {%- assign current_variant = product.selected...
That's the product I have a problem with The text Custom Field isn't mandatory, and I cannot see the text I filled in the Cart
@PaulNewton wrote:@Saeadamas If I have free time i'll take a glance what is your theme,store, and storefront password if applicable. Have you made sure the elements you've added are inside either an html <form> or liquid {% form %}?Thank you so muchj...
This is where I put my lines <div class="product__content-main"><div class="product__description rte" itemprop="description" class="rte">{{ product.description }}</div><div class="product__form-container" itemprop="offers" itemscope itemtype="http://...
Hello, I tried to follow the tutorial But it seems like my custom field isn't mandatory as I want it to be, because I can add it to the card without filling itand something else is I cannot see the custom field text line in the "Cart" section Could s...
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